Fishbone 4.9 2022

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Bones are what make you strong, so it's no surprise the Connelly Fishbone Wakesurf Board's simplistic design is super durable and made to rip. Connelly's Skelecore technology reduces core weight to a minimum so every fiber of this board reacts naturally to your feet and the wave. A diamond tail design makes it highly maneuverable, and compression construction gives the Fishbone razor sharp rails that provide great control.

Construction and Materials

PVC Skelecore  Skelecore is Connelly's advanced core-shaping technique that reduces overall core mass, allowing the fibers of the board to react quicker and more naturally.

Compression Construction  Connelly uses compression molding for its ability to produce thin boards that are rigid and durable. Skilled skim riders and beginners alike utilize their sharp rail for board control.


Diamond Tail  Similar surface area compared to round tails keeps this shape high and maneuverable. The angle created at the rear part of the rail releases water for a faster overall feel.


4'9" Size  Rocker Height: 2.5"/0.38"


Skate  This fin setup has been used in the Connelly line since they first started making surfers. This bolt-through style is reliable, easy to use and customizable. Use all three fins for a stable ride, remove the center fin for a twin fin feel, or pull the side fins for a skim style setup.

Three 2.1" Skater Tail Fins

Additional Features

Ghost Grip with Rear EVA Pad

Do Not Store in Boat Board Racks  evo does not recommend storing your wakesurfer in boat board racks. Many wakesurf boards are fragile and can be easily damaged by these racks, which is not covered under manufacturer warranty.


  • Ability Level:Advanced-Expert
  • Board Style:Hybrid
  • Core Material:Foam, Wood
  • Fins Included:3
  • Made in the USA:Yes
  • Warranty:1 Year

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