Agent 23-24

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The Rome Agent Snowboard is a park and pipe classic that defies change rather than being an "agent of." A twin shape that rages all over the mountain with ease, the Agent is set up for success with a cambered rocker profile with Double Kick rocker patches at both tip and tail, and a lively but user-friendly flex beefed up with Bamboo Omega HotRods for that little bit extra when it comes time for air.

Rocker Type

Fusion Camber  Positive camber through most of the running length with a small amount of rocker just before the contact points.


Flex Rating  5 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff)


Double Kick  Double Kick is an aggressive two-part rise in the boards nose or tail, built for increased pressability and better landings.

True Twin  Boards built with fully symmetrical specs; sidecuts, flex patterns, camber profiles and nose and tail lengths. True twin boards are great for riding switch.


Bamboo HotRods  Thin rods of bamboo are milled into the board’s core starting just inside the insert packs and extending into the nose and / or tail. Bamboo HotRods are very pressable and playful.

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