Yumi 80 23-24

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Skiing, at its core, is all about one thing: pure enjoyment. Enter the Yumi 80, a remarkable choice tailored for those in search of a ski that seamlessly facilitates turn initiation and offers seamless power transmission. Its multi-layer wood core and full sidewall construction form the foundation of its performance, while its 3D.Glass composition lends it an element of forgiveness. Boasting a 3D radius sidecut, this ski remarkably excels across a spectrum of curves. It exhibits agility in navigating tight corners, while retaining its poise and stability during expansive, sweeping turns. The Yumi 80 effortlessly marries the realms of exhilarating fun and exceptional performance – whether carving up the groomers or venturing into off-piste territory. The latter scenario, particularly in the presence of soft and irresistible snow, elevates the Yumi 80 into an unparalleled realm of skiing pleasure.

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