Things to Remember While Shopping Wetsuits Online

Published by Hillcrest Ski & Sports on Jul 2nd 2021

Not all wetsuits are the same. To beginner, they may look like being same but they are not. There is a huge collection of wetsuits available online that are designed for different types of body movements. So, before visiting an Oregon water sports store online, it is important to know how to pick the perfect wetsuit.

Here are some tips that will help:

Determine the wetsuit type

You wouldn’t want to hamper your performance because of a wrong wetsuit, would you? So, what to do? Nothing much, really. You just need to figure out the type of wetsuit you would require based on the sport you’re planning to throw yourself at.

For instance, surfers prefer a wetsuit that keeps them warm. On the other hand, swimmers require light-weight wetsuits to ensure the best performance. So, it largely depends on the activity you’re going to get indulged in.

There are different types of wetsuits available for different weathers. It is important to consider the weather in your location. The colder the weather, the thicker would be the wetsuit.

Look for the fit

An ill-fitting wetsuit is not worth your money as it will be useless at the time of the activity. Water sports require clothes that fit well and not strict movements. They should not be neither too loose nor too tight. That’s what a perfect wetsuit looks like.

For instance, you may invest in an expensive wetsuit by a leading brand but it is oversized. In that case, you will only be wasting your money as the suit won’t offer you the fit and warmth that you need while being on the water.

Your wetsuit should be able to hold only a thin, even layer of water around the body to keep you warm while you swim or surf. It should act like a second skin with no gaping spaces or you will experience cold.

Choose the right size

You cannot try the size while shopping online. That’s right. So, how would you check the size of your wetsuit? It’s simple. You can check the size guidelines provided by the manufacturer. In case it isn’t there, you can easily find it online.

Here’s one more thing to consider. The wetsuit, when dry, can feel like a tight fitting one. This is because the fabric gets loose once you step in the water. However, you should make sure that it is not too tight around the arms and shoulders.

Another tip for checking the fit is checking it around the torso. If you can pinch the fabric around your lower back, the wetsuit is probably oversized.

The bottom line

Finding a wetsuit is not a rocket science. You can easily do it be taking care of the above things. The wetsuit should keep your body warm while supporting movements. It shouldn’t be either undersized or oversized. Fit is everything, you should always remember that.

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