Snowboarding Tips for Hitting the Slopes Right

Published by Hillcrest Ski & Sports on Feb 27th 2023

As a novice, snowboarding is intimidating. Is having a reliable, complete kit for snowboarding enough to get you down the slopes? It’s more than just getting the style right.

Hillcrest Sports is a trusted snowboard shop in Portland, giving you the complete lowdown for your maiden adventure on the slopes.

All pro snowboarders start at the basics, so mastering your skills may take time, but patience is vital. All that separates you from them is the amount of practice time, which gives you self-assurance on the slopes.

Here are top tips for beginners to jumpstart your snowboarding journey:

1. Invest in Proper Gear

It is not worth the risk it could put you to ride with improper equipment. Your first winter should be spent on the slopes, not in a cast because your boots were too tiny and you couldn’t move properly. Having comfy feet is the most crucial component to enjoying a long day in the snow.

Like any other closed shoes, your toes shouldn’t be curled or stuffed at the boot’s end. It will be challenging to manage your board if your boot is too big because your heels will lift excessively.

While investing in the best snowboard accessories for sale, ensure you’re buying the proper clothing too. Warm garments that aren’t suffocating on the slopes are ideal. Make sure you also grab the appropriate beanies, goggles, and gloves!

2. Look for the Right Board

Snowboards come in a wide variety of designs for a purpose. There are so many distinct snowboards available when you enter a snowboard shop because each board has a unique riding style.

Look for a board with rocker camber as a beginner. Your feet are positioned with the rocker underneath each foot and the camber in between. You won’t grab your edges as much when you learn to turn since the board will have a more catch-free rocker between your feet.

When starting turns, the edge should dig with the aid of a camber. Combining rocker and camber is excellent for learning to turn since it makes turning more accessible and reduces the likelihood that you will snag your edge.

3. Take Lessons

If you’re heading to a place commonly hit by snowboarders, chances are you’ll find plenty of instructors ready to offer lessons. When you first visit a mountain, take a snowboarding lesson to learn how to control your board and what to expect on your first ride down.

You can master the basics of boarding from lessons, with your learning curve accelerated by instructors offering tricks and tips that otherwise may have taken several runs to figure out.

4. Hit the Bunny Slopes First

There will be many skiers and snowboarders passing you when you’re on the slopes. You’ll have to be very aware of your surroundings since there are expert skiers and snowboarders up there.

You’ll need to try to maintain your balance while descending the mountain as quickly as you feel comfortable. It’s best to take a few runs down the bunny slope to acquire a feel for what you’re doing to feel more secure in your abilities once you’re on the slopes.

5. Show Patience and Have Fun

You can feel pressured to stick with your friends and attempt a run or a descent that requires more skill than you can handle, especially if you’re traveling with more experienced riders.

You’ll need to be patient during the boarding process. Give yourself the time to understand the fundamentals because you want to have fun. Then you can learn more advanced maneuvers, such as turns and swerves.

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