Skiing Tips For Beginners To Get You Started

Published by Hillcrest Ski & Sports on Feb 7th 2023

Learning to ski can provide a lifetime of winter enjoyment and connection to the mountains. When you start learning to ski, you have a lot to look forward to: fresh air when you'd otherwise be cooped up, big mountain landscapes that are even more beautiful than in the summer, and new friends. We understand that learning to ski can be intimidating, but there is no reason to be afraid of skiing - there are many skills you can begin to learn before you even get to the mountains. So order your gear from Hillcrest outdoor services and take a look at these tips to get you started off right.

Pack Some Snacks 

As you probably already know, all sports, including skiing, require proper nutrition. Choosing the right food and drink will allow you to recover faster, stay hydrated, and have plenty of energy throughout the day.

Your best bet is to bring a few snacks with you, such as fruit, nuts, and chocolate, and to remember to stop for a drink from time to time. While on the slopes, especially when learning, alcohol should be avoided.

Getting On The Ski Lift 

Getting on and off the chairlift can be as intimidating as skiing itself for many first-time skiers. The lift is constantly moving, there is a crowd watching you, and the attendant is directing you forward. It is advantageous to slow down. Allow yourself as much time as you require. If you're nervous, inform the attendant that this is your first time. They can slow or stop the lift so you can board safely and at your own pace. 

Get The Right Gear

It is not enough to put on a pair of ski boots and call it a day. It is critical to have the proper equipment before your first ski run. This does not imply that you must spend a fortune on the best brand-name ski equipment. However, if your skis, boots, bindings, or some combination of the three aren't properly fitted, you're going to be uncomfortable.

You will feel the snow under your feet with a proper boot fit, and you will be in control of your skis rather than having your skis take you for a ride. Get comfortable putting on and taking off your ski boots and stepping into your bindings.

Dress Up Right 

Boots, on one hand, are the most important piece of ski equipment you will purchase, on the other, you need to invest in hillcrest outerwear–because protecting your face from the wind is just as important. 

Skiing attire is just as pertinent as ski equipment. The wrong socks are a recipe for cold, sore feet. 

You won't want to go back to the slopes if you're cold, damp, and uncomfortable. When it comes to ski clothing, the two most important things to remember are: Never wear cotton and always layer your clothing. The three-layer strategy is usually the most effective. 

There is a lot of fun awaiting you on the mountains! Go ahead and check out Hillcrest Outerwear to start your skiing journey today!