Watersport — 3 Highly Challenging Water Sports Professional Divers Should Try

Published by Hillcrest Ski & Sports on Apr 5th 2023

Water sports are as thrilling as the water itself. But more than the joy they offer, they may also invite injuries without appropriate and premium-quality water safety gear. Generally, attempting water activities like kayaking or rafting is much safer than trying water sports that are spine-chilling and may require reckless professional training for years. In Oregon, an outerwear online store may provide advanced safety gear with assured life-saving features that you can use as a professional diver and try out these bold water sports that are not for everyone.

The blog will highlight three water sports that you should try only after completing professional training and only under the supervision of professionals in the water sport. You may order your personal gear from an Oregon water sports store and get started with the professional training to hone yourself for these blood-coagulating water dares.

1. Cage Diving

A highly challenging and blood-chilling sport in which you are left inside a cage amidst sharks. As you see killer sharks roaming around the cage and waiting for you to step out, your love for life will increase with every passing minute. This deep sea diving or snorkeling gives you abundant opportunities to stay among the beasts of deep waters and embrace the brutal side of nature.

The cage is left to float in the sea, and divers may either eye them or photograph the creatures to use for cinematography purposes.

Although the gear maintains adequate oxygen supply, you will still feel the smothering and choking with constant glimpses of the ogre of the ocean.

The sport is not for weak-hearted and feeble-minded people who give up when the depth of the water increases significantly. So, choose it only after hours of contemplation.

2. Ice Diving

Ice diving is another challenging water sport that requires the diver to swim beneath the thick crust of ice, which is visually threatening and even more dreadful while doing it.

People with the least admiration for ice skating may find the sport boring and forced, but the more you start learning about it, the more you will realize its enthrallment.

The sport is simply not for beginners because the unpredictability of ice might get you in serious trouble. Ice diving is for highly experienced divers who have overcome their fear of normal and deep sea water and wish to add new heights to their water adventure.

The dangers of ice diving are real, as it may invite hypothermia, frostbite, shark and polar bear attacks, and cardiac failure due to intense freezing. Frenzy divers may go with a wet suit, but beginners may go with a dry suit that’s resistant to water and keeps your body underneath warm and stable.

Whatever gear you choose, professional training is a must for ice diving, as it is not for kids with a momentary spark to get adventurous below multiple feet of pressurized water.

3. Underwater Hockey

People are crazy, and taking hockey underwater is one of the vouching evidences. The activity is a real engrossment for players who have an exorbitant love for hockey. The challenge naturally creeps into underwater hockey, as it demands double the energy and effort to keep up with the sporty fun in the challenging medium of water.

Players are geared with adequate snorkeling pipes, but the effort to put the puck in the opponent’s goal post is beyond imagination because the agile activity and protecting the goal post raise blood flow naturally, which increases the demand to breathe harder in water.

So, if you are ready to take your love for hockey beneath unmeasurable layers of water, then this recreational touch to hockey may uplift your spirits and might give you a good reason to be pompous about.


Playing a water sport as a fun and stimulating activity is understandable, but doing it at the cost of one’s own life is nothing less than stupidity. The sports mentioned above require years of professional training, and being fearless with water and ice is one of the key requirements to nail them.

It is also suggested to take care of one’s own health and well-being with appropriate and high-quality water safety gear that promises you the least injuries, accidents, and untimely collapses.

If you someday want to perform these extreme water sports, it is suggested that you start your water sport journey with beginner sports like kayaking and whitewater river rafting, which help you gain an initial confrontation with water and assist your bonding with it.

With years of professional experience, you might try out these tumultuous water sports mentioned above in the womb of the seas.

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