Must-Have Accessories for the Avid Skateboarder

Published by Hillcrest Ski & Sports on Feb 13th 2023

In general, all that you need to start skateboarding is a decent board and a good pair of insole shoes. But just by adding a couple of accessories, you can go from someone who knows how to skate to a complete pro. Having a few basic accessories with you while skateboarding can make the whole process a lot better than it already is.

Safety Gear 

It is important to note that skateboarding is not a hobby for those afraid to fall and get injured every now and again. You are bound to take a spill every now and then, especially while you are still learning how to perform various tricks. Wearing a set of knee and elbow bracers, coupled with protective hand gloves and maybe even a helmet, can ensure that you do not brake any bones and do not scrape your hands each time you fall. 

Wearing a helmet, especially, will ensure that when you eventually do fall, your head is protected from any major injury. It is also important to invest a little cash into buying your own safety gear as some skate parks make it mandatory to wear safety gear, and the rental ones you can find at the park are often smelly and dirty from use.

Spare Parts/ Repair Kits 

Having a set of spare parts and a kit to make repairs are both essentials for all skateboarders. If you are a regular on the board, you are bound to break a few parts or even dent or break the board. Having the necessary spare parts, such as extra bearing, hardware, and bushing, can ensure that you are able to make repairs as soon as possible and get right back on the board. You might not find a lot of pre-made skateboard repair kits, but you can easily make one of your own with the basic parts and even an extra deck, just in case of emergencies.

Skate Tool and Wax 

A skate tool and some proper wax are perhaps two of the most important accessories that a skateboarder can have, aside from their board and insole shoes. You need a skate tool for tightening up everything on your board or even setting up your new board. You can find a decent tool for less than $20. Skate wax is just as important, as without it, performing tricks or even simple jumps becomes a lot harder. Skate wax is also relatively cheap to purchase, even from name brands. 

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