Looking for a Snowboard for Rent? Here are 5 Useful Tips

Published by Hillcrest Ski & Sports on Nov 2nd 2021

Mt Hood meadows attract adventure enthusiasts from around the USA. One of the most popular activities here is snowboarding, which can be best enjoyed with snowboard rental in Mt Hood. While buying your own board and carrying it everywhere you go may be inconvenient, renting one offers unmatched freedom.

Here are some tips for finding the best snowboard for rent:

Choose the right length

The length of your snowboard may vary based on your expertise and style preferences. You may even opt for two different snowboards with different sizes if you want to enjoy more than one style. Usually, a length between the chest and mouth is recommended for an enjoyable snowboarding experience. But based on your specific snowboarding needs, you can choose from:

  • Short boards (reaching between your collarbone and chin)
  • Medium boards (chin to nose)
  • Long boards (eye level and higher)
  • Don’t ignore the width

For people with giant feet, it may be tricky to find a board with the correct width. So, make sure that the board doesn’t leave your boots too exposed to be dragged against the snow.

Flex is your key to success

While looking for snowboard rental in Portland, don’t forget to check its flex. A softer flex can be the best choice for first-time riders as it offers easier turns and is more forgiving. However, they don’t provide reliable stability for high-speed rides that makes experienced snowboarders choose stiffer boards as they ensure better control and stability for the rider for speedy turns.

Pick the right profile

The profile is also called chamber, which defines how a snowboard rests when not in use. Snowboards are available in three profile variations:

Normal chamber: Most snowboards feature a normal chamber. These boards are designed so that the center part stays above the ground until the rider steps onto it, making it a safe option for beginners.

Banana: As the name suggests, these boards look like a banana. The banana shape makes them ideal for soft snow. The secret to success with a banana profile is choosing a longer board than usual.

Flat: These boards rest flat on the ground and perform better off-piste than normal chamber boards.

The shallower, the better

A snowboard with a shallower sidecut performs better in high-speed activities by offering a longer turning radius and improved stability. A deep sidecut may seem exciting due to the quick turns it offers, but it requires good snowboarding expertise as it doesn’t provide reliable stability to the rider. So, if you’re doing it for the first time, it is wise to go with a shallower one.

The bottom line

Mount Hood is the highest peak of Oregon and is home to several adventurous activities. People visit there to enjoy snowboarding and switch on their adrenaline. While it is exciting to challenge yourself for things you have never tried before, it is essential to pick the right gear. While choosing a snowboard, follow the above tips, and you’re good to go.

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