Heading To The Slopes To Chase The Powder? Don’t Forget To Carry These Essential Items

Published by Hillcrest Ski & Sports on May 17th 2021

It is important to understand that in order to make your snowboarding experience safe and fun on the mountains for a day, you need to prepare beforehand. No snowboarder would want to travel back and forth to get something from their car or locker room when fully garbed in snowboard gear. Just imagine the struggle you would have to go through if you forget key items. That is why it is absolutely critical to have a proper backpack and pack all the essential items before taking on the slopes, especially the slopes on bigger mountains.

Although there are countless backpacks available online, we will recommend you to only use those that have a ergonomic design, padded shoulder straps, hip belt, sunglass pocket, integrated rescue whistle, adjustable sternum strap, and other key features. Once you have the right backpack, make sure you use it to bring the below-mentioned items to the slopes.

  • Map - Do not forget to take a map from the lodge. It is essential for every snowboarder to have a proper idea about the mountain, its boundaries, and the difficulty level of the trails. Having a map with you will let you know where the restaurants, restrooms, and first aid stations are located.
  • Sunblock - Have you seen snowboarders with raccoon eyes and sunburn after a day on the slopes? These are people who forget to take sunblock or sunscreen with them. Therefore, we will advise to take one with you and reapply it every few hours.
  • Sunglasses - A helmet and a goggle are key snowboarding tools. But in addition to the goggles, we will advise you to take your sunglasses as well so that your eyes can get some rest. Take your goggles off and put your sunglasses on when you are moving from one slope to another.
  • Additional Goggle Lens, Fleece Layer, and Socks - Goggle lens will keep you ready for daylight or nightfall. Fleece layer will make sure that you stay safe against the colder temperatures as you go higher. And of course, extra socks means you won’t develop cold toes due to sweaty or wet toes.
  • Energy Snacks - The act of sliding down snow-covered slopes on your snowboard will definitely make you hungry. Our advice? Take a peanut butter, a couple of protein bars, or some jelly sandwiches to stay fully energized on the top of the mountain.

In addition to the aforesaid items, having a water bottle, beanie, lip balm, and mobile phone in a waterproof case will keep you safe and ready to deal with emergencies on the mountains. In order to carry all these items, you need a quality backpack. Since Hillcrest Ski & Sports is one of the best snowboard shops in Portland, you can visit our store or shop online for some amazing backpacks solely designed for snowboarding trips.