Get Ready To Hit the Snowy Slopes In Style

Published by Hillcrest Ski & Sports on Oct 12th 2022

If you’re new to slopes and want to look your chicest best for your upcoming trip, it’s time to overhaul your outerwear wardrobe. It not only includes overcoats and gloves but an entire ensemble that will keep you toasty on the inside and fashionable on the outside.

Hillcrest Sports is aiding all your outerwear requirements with access to multiple brands under its store. From snowboarding to skiing, here’s your guide for stylish essentials that are also practical additions from Hillcrest’s outdoor clothing services to keep you warm and looking fab!

Long Underwear

Not your usual undergarment. This snug base layer keeps moisture from your skin, ensuring the frost is within your outer layers. A ninja suit from Hillcrest Ski & Sports is perfect for full body coverage without restricting your movement.

Fleece Jacket

Wear it under your jacket to feel cozy, or slip it on over your long underwear when lounging in the lodge or driving in the car. A sleek Marmot Rocklin fleece jacket with zippered pockets is an excellent addition to your winter closet.

Ski Socks

Ski and snowboard socks are not excessively thick and are taller than your boots, making them comfortable to put on without making your shoe snug. Some of them have shin padding. Wear wool or synthetic socks instead of cotton socks since the latter takes a very long time to dry off after being wet from sweat or snow.

Snowboard or Ski Jacket

Better than a rain jacket, these coats come with snow-specific features like water resistance, insulation, and convenient pockets. Why not tackle the slopes with a Burton Hemisphere Jacket? Meant for anyone who enjoys all-weather, the jacket offers the best protection while in the mountains. This high-performance cover provides excellent weather protection from rain, snow, sleet, and hail.

Snowboard or Ski Pants

These are frequently insulated, waterproof, or water resistant and may have handy pockets, vents, and features to keep snow from getting inside your shoes. Rain pants that are both breathable and water-resistant would work just as well. For added insulation, use fleece pants underneath.

An Airblaster Freedom Bib is a cool set of snow sports pants that resembles a dungaree and completes the purpose it’s meant for. They are high in front, warmer, and less prone to snow getting inside than standard pants.

Gloves or Mittens

Mittens are somewhat warmer than gloves because they are thicker, but you lose some agility, given the design. You might find hybrid designs that group some fingers together to split the difference. However, they have some great features, such as built-in goggle wipes and long cuffs stretching up to mid-forearm to keep snow out.

You don’t need ski or snowboard-specific gloves or mittens. Just select a pair that’s waterproof and insulated. Choose a Dakine Equipment Mitten or Glove. They’re both lightweight and breathable.


Goggles are necessary equipment that lets you see better in all types of weather, from bright sun to dense clouds. They also protect you from cold, snow blindness, and UV damage.

A fabulous pair of Oakley Lineminer goggles will provide the ultimate peripheral vision with a cylindrical-style design. With a mid-sized fit, they offer coverage to a wide variety of faces and are engineered to fit perfectly with most helmets.