A Quick Guide on Snowboarding Apparel

Published by Hillcrest Ski & Sports on Oct 17th 2022

Snowboarding is a great way to enjoy the mountains, given you have the right apparels on. The mountains can be unforgivingly cold, causing discomfort and ruining your experience. So when heading towards the slopes, choosing the right clothes should not be taken lightly. Ideally, you would want to stay warm and dry while avoiding over or underdressing. The best way to achieve this is to prepare properly and wear the right set of clothes.

To help you avoid any bad experience related to snowboarding apparels, here is a quick guide on what your should wear when you go for a snowboarding adventure.

# Snowboarding Jacket
A snowboarding jacket with waterproof and breathable fabric is an essential when going to the hills. To know if your jacket is made specifically for snow, check if it has a small “lift pass pocket” built into one of the sleeves. This is where your electronic lift pass goes. Your jacket should also have a powder skirt. In addition to these features, a properly designed jacket such as a Burton Hemisphere jacket will be fully insulated to keep the wearer warm and comfortable.

# Snowboarding Pants
Snowboarding pants are fully waterproof to keep your legs warm and dry. They are also well insulated to keep the cold away. If you feel that the layers of your pants will not be enough to keep you warm, you can put on a baselayer to compensate for it. Additionally, if you feel that you will move a lot during the day, pants with built-in vents will help to cool you off when you start feeling hot.

# Base Layers
Base layers are the first layers of apparel that you wear. They keep you warm and dry by wicking moisture from your skin. Good-quality base layers are odor resistant and can be worn for a day or two before they need to be washed.

# Mid Layers
A mid layer can be any apparel you wear over your base layer. It could be another base layer or a down jacket (recommended in a shell only). Wearing a mid layer is a great way to regulate the overall warmness of your apparel. You can easily take it off when you feel warm and put it back when you start to feel cold. Most of the time, you will need a mid layer only for your upper body.

# Gloves or Mittens
The fingers are quite sensitive to the cold, so you would want to keep them warm and comfortable. There are two options when it comes to protecting the hands and fingers from cold: gloves and mittens. Some people like the flexibility offered by gloves, but in terms of giving warmth , mittens are more effective. The decision really comes down to personal preference.

# Socks
When choosing socks for snowboarding, it is important to keep in mind that snowboarding boots are already quite warm. So thick socks aren’t necessarily better. Infact, thicker socks tend to trap more moisture and can prevent you from fitting your boots snugly. It is better to wear a good quality pair of socks that is slightly thin than a thick pair.

# Neck Gaiter
A neck gaiter provides a layer around your neck and cheek area to keep it warm. It can be very useful on days when it gets particularly cold.

People often make the mistake of over emphasizing on equipment and gear, and neglect dressing up properly when they go snowboarding. This can be an absolute bummer when the cold starts to bite. If you’re preparing for a snowboarding trip, make sure you have all the apparels mentioned above so that nothing ruins your time on the slopes.

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