A Guide To Choose Women’s Watersport Life Vest

Published by Hillcrest Ski & Sports on Aug 10th 2021

A life vest or a life jacket is a sleeveless buoyant or inflatable jacket responsible for keeping a person protected from the dangers of drowning and keep a person afloat. It’s a personal floatation device popularly used in water adventure games and sports. Yet, there are times when it couldn’t have felt more impersonal! If you have ever used a watersport tube or a life jacket provided by your water sports organizer, chances are you must have come across multiple instances where you felt like taking it off. Especially if you are a woman! Words like too long, too short, too big, too small might be familiar for most of you if you are a water sports enthusiast. And let’s not forget the bust area problem.

Comfort seems a far-forgotten concept in such scenarios. Another concern is the number of people using the same jacket again and again. It defeats the purpose of the life jacket with lost quality by using a worn-off material. Additionally, with the COVID scenario active globally, using someone’s used life jacket is the last thing you want to put on yourself.

With that being said, as a water sports enthusiast indulging in adventure activities frequently, having decided to get your floatation device is best. Here are a few key considerations to undertake:


Depending upon the kind of water activity you like, your choice of PFD (personal floatation device) is likely to differ. Type 3 life jackets (the inherently buoyant ones) are recommended for personal watercraft and sports activities like wakeboarding, wake surfing, water, and jet skiing. For kayaking, go for life jackets with a shorter profile. Fishing will require you to go for one with holes, loops, and pockets for storing your fishing gear.


Standard PFDs are ideal for recreational kayakers, canoers, and stand-up paddleboarders. The best part about them is that they are low-maintenance, versatile, inherently buoyant, and have pockets. However, these can be bulky and hot. Inflatable PFDs include vests and waist packs. These are ideal for kayaking, canoeing, or stand-up paddle boarding. Their slim profile makes them comfortable and cool. However, these require inflation, a bit more maintenance and might not be suitable for everyone.


Depending on the kind of activity and your range of movement, you will need to decide on an ideal size and fit. Determining the right chest size is a must for women. To measure it precisely, take measurements of the circumference of your chest at its broadest point. Check the manufacturer’s size recommendation for matching and landing an ideal fit for yourself.


The material will decide the quality, performance, and durability of your watersport life vest. Nylon and neoprene are two popularly available choices in the market. For water adventure sports, neoprene is ideal since it offers more comfort, greater buoyancy, and feels light.

Of course, your choice of women’s watersport life vest needs to provide comfort and security. But it doesn’t mean it cannot be stylish! Browse our collection of life jackets, water sports gear, and accessories to find a high-quality fit for yourself.