4 Must-have Water Gear to Make the Most of Your Next Sporty Trip

4 Must-have Water Gear to Make the Most of Your Next Sporty Trip

Published by Hillcrest Ski & Sports on Apr 27th 2021

In a couple of months, all the winter sensations will be gone, and it will be time for summer in Florida. Water sports are fantastic. They are a great way to keep us physically active, are fun, and you can spend hours playing around without getting tired. Whether you are going surfing, kayaking, wakeboarding, or for some good old swimming with your friends/ family, it’s always better to be prepared. Despite the frolic and the fun, if you aren’t ready for an activity well, even the most innocent-looking move can turn out to be dangerous.


As much as thrilling and freeing your surfing or wakeboarding might feel in the absence of a vest, you need to wear one. Besides, it is really tough to predict the weather. A high-quality men’s/ women’s watersport life vest will come to your rescue when the tides get rough and high winds begin to blow. In case you topple over, it will help you stay afloat till the emergency rescuers arrive.

Flip flop float

Although a flip-flop float might seem insignificant, you will remember them when you put your feet back into your shoe with all the sand and dirt after you have dipped your feet into the water. It ruins your shoes, and sensation is definitely not great. Flip flops are low maintenance, easy to clean, and convenient to put on and take them off.

Floats and tubes

In case you are traveling to a beach with kids, float and watersport tube are another musts. If the kids are going to a beach, it will be hard for you to stop them from going to the water. Besides, if you really think about it, they aren’t wrong to want to go there. The entire purpose of a beach visit is to enjoy the water in the first place. Therefore, it’s better to be prepared with tubes and floats. With the colorful and fun shape options available in the market, your kids definitely won’t mind taking them along.

Surf rope

If you are planning to wake surf, you will need a rope. If you are doing it with a professional, chances are you will be provided with a rope. However, looking into the COVID aspects in mind, it would be advisable to carry your gear with all the safety precautions in place. Plus, if you are getting your own piece, you can ensure that it’s not used by any other person than you. Besides, it also means that the rope isn’t worn out with constant use and can enjoy the sport without worrying.


Wakeboard boots or bindings are essential you will need for your wakeboard adventure. These boots help you anchor against and bind to the board so that when the surfing gets rough, you don’t trip off and hurt yourself by hitting your face against the board.

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