Benz 4'8'' 2017

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The CWB Benz Wakesurfer is a great way to ride the wakes on a board that makes you feel like you're surfing right off the North Shore beaches. The Skim Style of the board offers the best edge hold in the CWB line for a great surfy feel. The FCS Style Fins will make it feel like you're turbo charging the wake and ride like a champ on the wave. It's a short board making it ideal for spins too. The CNC Cut EVA Pad helps you stay on the board as you show off your latest array of tricks. If you're an expert rider looking for a high-performance board to match your skills then look no further than the leader in the line, the CWB Benz Wakesurfer. Short, Fast Design, Skim/Surf Hybrid, Hand Crafted Epoxy, Flat Base, Twin 3in Surf Fin Setup, CNC Diamond Cut EVA Pad with Kicktail, Skill Range: Advanced Intermediate - Expert, Model Year: 2017, Product ID: 466423, Model Number: 62174181, GTIN: 0748610360526

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