135 State 2.0 W/Remix 2023

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Elevate your wakeboarding prowess with the Hyperlite State 2.0, a meticulously crafted board designed to propel your skills to new heights. Drawing insights from asymmetrical designs, Hyperlite focused on enhancing toeside wake jumps. The State 2.0 achieves this by creating a shorter, more effective toeside edge, making toe-side jumps more accessible. The thinner molded-in fin on the State 2.0 further reduces drag, ensuring a smoother release off the wake. Subtle risers on the toe-side provide added leverage for enhanced maneuverability under pressure. The longer, traditional heel-side edge complements the asymmetrical layout, promoting a natural body position for increased stability. This design allows the board to build speed into the wake without compromising pop due to reduced toe-side surface area. Tested and proven, the State 2.0 is the optimal choice for riders seeking mastery in the foundational aspects of wakeboarding.


Step into the Remix boot—a versatile, supportive, easy-to-enter, and adjustable boot offering the features found in more expensive models. Boasting Dual Lace Zones for customizable fit and forgiveness, this open-toe boot delivers the adjustability and comfort you seek. The 3D molded tongue ensures improved comfort without sacrificing control over the board. Ideal for beginner to intermediate wakeboarders, the Remix is a fantastic choice, providing a comfortable and user-friendly option for an enjoyable wakeboarding experience.

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