25' Lgs Surf W/Pe Air 2020

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Complete your waterskiing setup with the Connelly Proline Waterski 25-Foot Tractor Radius Handle and 5 Section Mainline Rope.The 13-inch radius handle has a 1.00 inch round diameter and heavy-duty tractor grip for an extra strong hand hold. The handle's new curved endcaps and hexagon plugs eliminate handle roll and uncomfortable holding.The 25-foot rope is made from strong and durable Poly-E material. Its pre-stretched construction gives it immediate effectiveness. This mainline rope has 5 removable sections that give multiple length options. Length indicators are also there to let you know how long the rope is at each section.Both the tractor handle and mainline rope have 100% buoyancy for improved safety and visibility. Because they'll be kept afloat when you drop them, you won't have to waste time searching for where they are.Make the most of your waterskiing experience with Connelly's Proline Waterski Tractor Radius Handle and 5 Section Rope.

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