Alley Boa H3 20-21

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The Rossignol Alley Boa H3 women's snowboard boots are a fantastic choice for all-mountain riders who are looking for a great blend of comfort and performance. Boots are all about blending those things, and the Rossignol Alley is a great example of a nice blur. Since the snowboard boot is the first, and only, piece of equipment to actually touch your body, it's important that the fit and the performance of the boot matches your snowboard style and your personality. The Boa system has really gotten popular over the years, and in this boot, it makes a lot of sense as it allows the wearer to infinitely adjust the tightness of the boot. The closer the boot fits to your foot, the better overall performance you'll have. Thanks to Rossignol's Custom-fit heat-moldable liner, you can really fine-tune the fit of your boot and get the resulting performance as well. With this in mind, you as the rider get all the benefits of having a custom-fit boot with the best possible performance. Built with an articulated cuff, you're getting a nice, free-flexing boot that can be used for any and all snowboard applications. Softer for the park and pipe and other freestyle ventures, but still stiff enough for some progressive and aggressive freeriding, the boots have all that and more. The Rossignol Alley Boa H3 women's snowboard boots are a perfect option for ladies looking for an awesome blend of comfort and performance.


  • Weight: 972 g per boot
  • Flex: 5/10
  • H3 Boa with Recoil
  • Thermo-Moldable Liner
  • Articulated Cuff
  • Ability Level: Intermediate and Advanced Riders

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