Vr Speed 19-20

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$279.00 - $299.00


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Seeing as how the design was made with input from one of the gnarliest riders around, it only makes sense that the Flux VR-Speed Snowboard Boot is designed to handle some of the most insanely aggressive terrain on the planet. These lightweight boots offer a stiff flex, moldable liner, and quick speedlace closure systems to help you take on technical conditions without batting an eye. Flux stacked these boots with features galore to improve comfort for battling steep lines and deep snow all day long. Memory foam and a Neo-Toe panel conforms to any rider's foot shape, and Aluminum Foil Insulation retains heat for extra-chilled days at high elevations.

-Lightweight and comfortable boot for aggressive freeriding

-Stiff flex offers support and response for battling steep terrain

-Speedlace closure tightens two zones for an optimized fit and feel

-Memory foam liner conforms to your foot for a custom feel

-BMZ footbed improves balance and offers all-day comfort

-Reflective foil bounces heat back to your foot to keep warm

-Cushioned insole adds natural feel and soaks up vibrations

-Freestyle Rubber sole is lightweight and offers supreme grip

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