Micron Magic 23-24

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Embarking on a Snowboarding Adventure with the Micron Magic

The Micron Magic is designed to welcome the tiniest groms to the world of snowboarding with utmost ease and boundless joy. This pint-sized wonder is crafted to minimize stress while maximizing the smiles that come with a new snowboarding journey.

A Perfect Start: When kids are at their smallest, determining their preferred stance (regular or goofy) isn't always clear. The Micron Magic's twin shape solves this puzzle, allowing them to effortlessly experiment with sliding both ways. As their confidence grows, they can even explore the world of riding switch, opening doors to endless possibilities.

Focus on Confidence: Edge control is pivotal during this stage of learning. That's why we've equipped the Micron Magic with a forgiving profile that ensures stability during turns, preventing any unexpected tumbles. The incredibly soft flex is tailored for even the tiniest legs to master, enabling them to confidently execute tricks like ollies.

Attention to Every Detail: While everything about the Micron Magic is scaled down, our dedication to detail remains uncompromised. This board features a full wood core, Absorbnid™ topsheet reminiscent of our adult boards, and a captivating matte finish graphic that's sure to ignite excitement.

Crafting Memories: The Micron Magic isn't just a snowboard; it's a catalyst for unforgettable memories and exciting beginnings. As young riders take their first steps into the world of snowboarding, this board ensures a smooth and enjoyable transition. With attention to design and a commitment to delivering a top-notch experience, the Micron Magic promises to be the ideal companion for young riders as they embark on their thrilling snowboarding journey.

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