Warden 23-24

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The Rome Warden Snowboard runs a tight ship when it comes to on-snow performance - plenty of pop, exceptional durability, and no BS when it comes to the pricepoint. One of the most versatile boards in Rome's wide gallery of shapes, the Warden has your kind of riding, whether it be all-mountain, powder or park, locked up tight.

Rocker Type

Fusion Camber  Positive camber through most of the running length with a small amount of rocker just before the contact points.


Directional Twin  Designed with slightly longer noses than tails, but with both symmetrical sidecuts and symmetrical camber profiles. Directional Twin boards are well-suited for riding switch and all mountain marauding.


Bamboo HotRods  Thin rods of bamboo are milled into the board’s core starting just inside the insert packs and extending into the nose and / or tail. Bamboo HotRods are very pressable and playful.


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