Thruster 23-24

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Decades of expertise in crafting high-performance snowboards have culminated in the creation of our all-mountain powerhouse—the Thruster. A fusion of successful models like the Platinum and Rave, coupled with cutting-edge 3D design, the Thruster is tailored for assertive, high-speed carving. Utilizing the lightest core in the Nidecker lineup, a robust camber profile, and an ultra-dense N-9000 sintered base to minimize drag, this board is undeniably swift.

Equipped with SideKick tips that elevate the wide points off the snow, initiating edge engagement becomes smoother, allowing the nose to effortlessly plow through deep snow and crud. Additional carbon and an Absorbnid topsheet contribute to a stable, chatter-free ride, even when tearing down the mountain at breakneck speeds. While the Thruster may be likened to a missile, it's more akin to a laser-guided one, emphasizing precise control as the primary objective.

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