The Gun 19-20

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Terrain: Powder, Freeride
    Rocker Type: Camber
      Shape: Directional
        Flex Rating: Stiff
        • The Long Pic nose shape allows you to charge and go fast in any type of snow, from a deep powder field to springtime slushy snow.
        • The Diamond Tail helps you finish your turns easily, and is made specifically for long radius side cuts and long length running edges.
        • This exclusive wood core combines Poplar and Bamboo to achieve the ideal combination of lightness and responsiveness.
        • The combination of Triax on the top and Biax on the bottom results in true sturdiness under your feet. Crafted with the proper torsion box, this combo transfers energy for ultimate responsiveness.
        • The ultra-fast base is made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) and carbon. It is prepared with a factory-tuned, wend-performance natural wax and premium belt ground finish, resulting in a smooth, fast ride in all conditions.
        • A medium-long side cut from 9+ meters cruising maintaining high versatility with a lot of speed.
        • A long side cut from 10+ meters for fast long turns and for charging.
        • Oversized edges improve production sustainability and allow for more frequent tuning and a better grip.
        • All of the top sheets use wood – the best natural, light dampener material available. Nidecker wants the best type of wood for the boards. they've adapted the best wood essence... Ash veneer for more absorption and responsiveness.

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