Skeleton Key 23-24

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Product Insight:

Unleash the Full Spectrum of Freeride Terrain

Born from the union of two of Burton's most esteemed all-terrain boards, the men's Burton Skeleton Key Snowboard has swiftly become a must-have in the arsenals of our testers and team riders. From the powdery depths of Japan to the iconic banks of Mount Baker, this uniquely assertive directional shape seamlessly merges camber with a slightly expanded waist width, delivering precision carving akin to a knife.

ABOUT THE GRAPHIC: In keeping with the terrain-unlocking essence embodied by this hard-charging directional board, this season's skull graphic fully embraces the skeleton theme. The stark black and white design accentuates the Skeleton Key's renowned shape, celebrated for harmonizing camber with a subtly increased waist width, granting access to the entire spectrum of freeride terrain.

Product Features:

Directional Camber Bend A fusion of camber beneath both feet and a rockered nose ensures stability across variable conditions and ample float in soft snow.

Twin Stance Meets Directional Float The board's Freeride Directional Shape centers your stance for a twin freestyle feel when cruising flat base. When on edge, it responds with tight, quick turns, embodying the soft snow float and feel characteristic of a directional deck.

All-Mountain Versatility and Speed The directional shape and camber collaborate to maintain stability at high speeds and offer all-mountain versatility.

Compatibility The Channel® Board Mount is universally compatible with major bindings, allowing you to fine-tune your stance precisely as you prefer.

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