Alpha 23-24

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Taking inspiration from the efficient shapes found in nature, the Alpha sets a new standard in all-mountain fluency. Effortlessly glide through powder, carve clean lines down the trails, or navigate your favorite tree-run with seamless flow. The 3D spooned nose, inspired by the profiles of marine mammals, ensures maximum float and easy turn initiation. Additionally, a subtle pinch at the rear of the sidecut, reminiscent of a bird of prey's tail, aids in sinking into deep snow.

Beneath the surface, the Alpha boasts a lively NDK core crafted from sustainable Swiss poplar, enhanced with carbon fiber layers for added pop. Vibrations are minimized thanks to the Absorbnid™ topsheet. With smooth edge-to-edge transitions and a versatile flex, the Alpha emerges as the preferred deck for creative mountain surfers, including enthusiasts like Matieu Crepel.

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