Aeronaut By Arthur Longo 23-24

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Prepare to embark on a journey into pure excitement: the Starship Sidehit is fully fueled and poised to unleash the thrill! The CAPiTA Aeronaut Snowboard grants you passage into the realm of snowboarding akin to the likes of Arthur Longo – a resort adventure extraordinaire. It embodies the epitome of resort mastery, unearths the hidden gems between gaps, and ventures into the realms of euphoric exploration. Designed to surge ahead on the flats, gliding effortlessly from one concealed kicker to the next, it propels you skyward whether on firm-packed trails or plush powder. A contemporary take on a directional design with classic camber and an evolving sidecut, the Aeronaut transcends ordinary monotony, igniting speed and explosive lift. As you firmly command the resort, consider yourself orchestrating a flash mob within the statue garden, leaving a trail of billowing corduroy behind.

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