Clicker X Hb Womens 22-23

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$209.96 - $223.96


The K2 Women's Clicker™ X HB Snowboard Bindings offer the comfort, convenience and performance that you want this season. These bindings are built with a GF Nylon Clicker™ X HB Chassis that provides quick energy transfer and heel-to-toe response while allowing the snowboard to flex naturally tip to tail. Their GF Nylon at the Clicker™ X HB Highback adds fiberglass to the highback providing a better response and edge pressure throughout a heelside turn. They feature a 3° Canted Footbed built directly into the chassis to place the rider in a natural riding position. The Clicker™ X HB Bindings are universally compatible with the most common snowboard mounting systems, including the 4-hole and channel systems, however they are only compatible with Clicker™ X HB snowboard boots. Get the ultimate snowboarding experience with the K2 Women's Clicker™ X HB Snowboard Bindings!


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