Supermatic 23-24

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The Nidecker Supermatic introduces a long-anticipated innovation to the world of snowboarding: a groundbreaking dual-entry, universal binding system. Previous attempts by various brands to master the step-in binding concept have fallen short, often requiring specific boots, struggling in powder conditions, and failing to match the comfort and reliability of traditional two-strap bindings. After dedicating four years to the challenge, we've successfully developed our own solution that effectively addresses these issues, marking a truly game-changing advancement in snowboarding.

The Supermatic incorporates our exclusive Drop In technology, featuring a triggered hiback. Getting into the binding is as simple as sliding your foot through the back and stepping down on the heel pedal to engage the binding. It's that straightforward – you're ready for an exhilarating ride. Exiting is equally quick, thanks to a simple release lever. The straps feature the same comfortable AuxTech design found in our high-end conventional bindings. Once adjusted to your liking, the Locking Slap Ratchets secure them in place, ensuring a consistently perfect fit. The brilliance of this system lies in its compatibility with boots from any manufacturer, all while avoiding intricate mechanisms that tend to get clogged. If the slope or snow conditions demand it, you can even choose to strap in traditionally, similar to regular bindings.

Crafted with the proven materials that define our product line, the Supermatic boasts a baseplate made from durable glass-filled nylon. The Slip-N-Grip plate facilitates seamless toe entry over the pad, making it even easier to use. Furthermore, a roller in the heelcup contributes to the smooth operation of the hiback trigger. The nylon Asym Hadron hiback has been meticulously designed to ensure a snug fit, along with a responsive flex and an integrated forward lean adjuster for complete personalization.

In terms of stiffness, the Supermatic strikes a mid-stiff balance and is celebrated by the Nidecker team as our most comfortable offering to date. It has undergone rigorous testing across a variety of terrains, from groomed slopes to challenging freeride descents and terrain parks, with input from a diverse group of riders. It has emerged as a speed-entry system that can be unequivocally relied upon. So whether you're tired of getting wet pants from strapping in or you're eager to leave your skiing companions in the dust when getting off the lift, the future has indeed arrived.

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