Pact 23-24

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The Pact is designed specifically for beginners and is an easy to use binding with forgiving flex for progression. Focused on comfort to keep you riding and exploring snowboarding in any condition.


Zone Base Plate is Durable and easy to adjust, available in three sizes, giving the rider a custom fit and comfortable ride.


Our 3D Supreme strap construction is super soft and padded for a maximized cushy feel and has a torsional flex for support with no pressure points.


With Tool Free Forward Lean and Strap Adjustments, fast and precise micro adjustments let you optimize your stance maximum comfort and support.


  • Zone baseplate

    Boarding basic. Durable and easy to fit, available in three sizes-the Zone baseplate is easy to use, easy to ride.

    3D prime ankle strap

    The 3D Prime features a 3D construction that matches our boot’s tongues. Creating even, seamless contact with your boot no matter how loose, or tight you buckle ‘em down.


    Frame your game. Lightweight, with tool-free adjustment, our ergonomically shaped Freeframe highback gives your boots and bindings the best fit possible.

    Composite 30%

    Get the most out of our bindings. More rigid than our competitor’s low end plastic, more durable and comfortable than aluminum. Performance is maximized, comfort is undeniable.

    Adjustable toe ramp

    For easy adjustability for the best transmission on toe edge.

    Universal Disc

    Ultimate compatibility with all existing mounting systems on the market. Available on all models $149 and up.


    Integrated Mounting System (IMS) is Salomon’s patented trick for keeping your disc screws in place while adjusting your bindings or swapping out boards.

    Unite disc compatibility

    The baseplate is compatible with our super easy to use rental system UNITE.

    Lock-In toe strap

    Our upgraded, cored out Lock-In Toe strap grips your boot to simplify and secure your set up.

    EVA pad

    Strategically placed EVA pads for increased comfort in all conditions.

    Toolfree Straps Adjustments

    Just that: easy length adjustment on the fly with no tools needed.

    Composite Buckle

    Composite materials combine to the 3 axis mechanism for a super deep throw, with a three point hinge and powerfully smooth adjustment.

    Weight 742 g

    Baseplate technology Standard

    Flex Soft

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