Five Fusion 18-19

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$149.00 - $200.00


Maximize your lap count and boost your fun levels with the Flow Five Snowboard Binding. Its convenient rear-entry design helps you get strapped in and riding more quickly than conventional bindings, and its medium flex offers all-mountain versatility that will satisfy everyone from novice riders to experienced park junkies. Flow's rear-entry design makes it quick and easy to strap in. The highback actually folds down in the back so you can slip your foot in, meaning you just need to set the buckles once and you're good to go from there on out. The Fusion PowerStrap wraps snugly around your boot for efficient energy transfer and a pressure point-free fit. And if you want to make minor adjustments mid mountain, the Locking Slap Ratchets allow you to do so without taking your boot out of the binding. The baseplate's mid-soft flex makes it easy to initiate and control turns, and the tweakable highback offers a comfy ride that likes to let loose in the park. The Rockered baseplate also makes minimal contact with your board to channel power directly where you need it, and it has rounded edges that allow your board to flex more naturally underfoot. Full EVA toe and heel inserts smooth out the ride when you're riding through choppy snow and absorb shock when you come up short on a jump.

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