Falcor 19-20

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Overall Stiffness:8/10
    Buckles:Magnesium 2.0 Ratchets
      Baseplate:Mini Disk – Compatible with 4x2 and The Channel™.
        Straps:Hex Direct Connect Ankle Strap & Hexgrip Toe Strap with Secure Lock
        • Extruded 3D Aluminum Heelcups – Designed for optimum heel hold and minimization of drag, Union 3D Extruded Aluminum heelcups are the strongest in the business.
        • Fused Vaporlite+ with Non-Stick Gas Pedal – 20% lighter than the original and still just as waterproof, durable, and vibration canceling. Fused Vaporlite Non-Stick gas pedals shed water and snow like nothing you've experienced before. Gone are the days of icy build up under your boots.
        • Grade 8.8 Hardware – The strongest steel available on the market, Union's use of Grade 8.8 represents a commitment to delivering the strongest and most reliable bindings on the market today.
        • Mini Disk – Compatible with 4x2 and The Channel™.

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