Sheeva 9 22-23

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Originally overshadowed by its wider-waisted sibling, the Blizzard Sheeva 9 has emerged as a standout versatile performer. This all-mountain ski blends the hard-carving precision of a traditional piste ski with the playful agility of a powder board. Boasting a 92mm waist and rockered profile, the lightweight Sheeva 9 floats through soft snow yet lays trenches on corduroy with equal prowess. Forgiving in tight spaces thanks to a relatively short radius, the Sheeva 9 rips bumps and trees with ease while remaining stable at speed. Precise enough for experts yet accessible to progressing skiers, this under-the-radar Blizzard model has garnered a loyal following as the go-to option for charging all terrain in any condition. Equipped to shred everything the mountain offers, the Sheeva 9 satisfies skiers seeking one planks to rule them all.

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