Santa Anna 84 21-22

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As the narrowest of the Santa Ana line, the 84 holds a special place in the hearts of all front-side loving skiers. At 84 mm underfoot and with Nordica's Terrain-Specific metal, these skis have a tremendous amount of edge grip and energy, allowing advanced skiers to really dig in, hold on, and create some very clean and round turns. Like most high-performance skis these days, it all starts with the core. Nordica uses their performance wood core and bolsters it with carbon stringers, much like the Enforcer and Santa Ana skis already have. This starts the ski off on the right foot for sure, as the wood and the carbon combine to make a stiff and stable ski that loves to be on edge. Again, that single metal laminate is the next part of the equation, and this allows the ski to generate a ton of power and dampness to the edges of the skis. As a narrow ski, it is the beneficiary of the widest metal laminate in the line, so you're getting the most relative metal per the width of the ski, allowing for pure edge grip and an even flex from tip to tail. Speaking of tips, the Santa Ana 84 also benefits from Nordica's use of True Tip, which substitues the pre-existing ABS sidewall material with a thinner wood, creating a ligter swing weight and better flotation in softer snow. Advanced and expert front-side skiers will love the smooth and energetic performance of the Nordica Santa Ana 84.

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