Montero Aw Strive 11D 24-25

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This one's for the ladies: Stockli developed this ski for the gals who love to carve. The lighter core construction and rocker technologies at the shovel and tail simplify turn initiation and enable fun, effortless skiing.

The Montero AW essentially replaces the Stockli Nela 80. Both are 80mm underfoot, but the Montero AW gains some of the performance-oriented features. Featuring their “Flex Torsion Control” metal and full edge contact shape, the Montero AW gives you greater performance on-piste. 

The price tag may be a little jarring, but there's a reason that Stockli has become something of a cult brand with the most loyal customers in the industry. The intricate building process, high-quality materials, and precise performance make Stockli skis feel like nothing else. Don’t believe us? You might just have to try it for yourself…

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