Kenja 88 23-24

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Earning its distinction as a frontside aficionado with unparalleled prowess, the Völkl Kenja 88 Skis have reigned supreme atop the groomed slopes for a decade and show no intention of relinquishing their throne any time soon. Renowned for their unmatched edge grip, precision throughout each turn, and unwavering stability at higher speeds, these skis beckon to skiers who relish the art of clean, high-speed turns. Carving a space within your collection is a necessity for those who appreciate such qualities. With the recent construction enhancements encompassing the Tailored Titanal Frame and Tailored Carbon Tips, this iteration maintains a similarly smooth journey while introducing a more supple turn initiation compared to its predecessors.

Key Features Rocker Type Tip & Tail Rocker – Uplift reserved solely for the shovel and tail regions, coexisting with a central camber shape.

Sidecut 3D Radius Sidecut – A triumvirate of radii housed within one ski shape unveils matchless versatility. Elongated radii at the tip and tail engender stability and fluidity, while a concise radius midsection empowers the skier to effortlessly switch between extended arcs and brisk turns, irrespective of pace.

Core Multilayer Woodcore – Merging the robustness of beech with the featherlight nature of poplar yields an exceptionally durable wood core. This amalgamation endows firm wood in the binding section and employs lighter wood along the periphery.

Laminates Tailored Carbon Tips – This inventive production technique embroiders individual carbon fibers onto a carrier material, resulting in the new Tailored Carbon Tips. Precise positioning along stress lines ushers in fresh prospects for front-of-ski performance, substantially influencing maneuverability.

Tailored Titanal Frame – The dimensions of the frames are thoughtfully tailored according to the skier's height, skill level, and power. This approach entails longer ski models incorporating increased titanal content for augmented stiffness, direct power transmission, and enhanced dampening. Conversely, shorter lengths feature diminished titanal content, amplifying agility. This caters to smaller, lighter, and less powerful skiers, enabling them to harness the ski's full potential.

Sidewalls Full Sidewall – Facilitating immediate and robust power transfer through full-length sidewalls.

Base P-Tex 2100 Base


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