Arw 84 +L6 22-23

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$279.97 - $319.96


Discover the versatility of the Armada ARW 84 skis with bindings—a dynamic pairing perfect for enthusiasts dividing their time between all-mountain, freestyle, and freeride pursuits. Whether you're aspiring to delve into the realm of competitive park and pipe skiing or simply seeking an exhilarating experience across various conditions and terrains, the Armada ARW 84 skis with bindings stand out as an unbeatable choice. The setup's added value enhances its appeal, providing an affordable entry point into high-quality skis and bindings.

These skis boast a well-rounded shape and profile, excelling in softer snow while remaining responsive on hard pack. The result is a remarkable blend of performance and snow feel, all at an attractive price point. Elevate your skiing experience with this exceptional combination, offering unparalleled versatility and value.

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