Revolt 96 23-24

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Opt for the epitome of versatility, just a shade below 100mm, and pair it with the most adaptable rocker profile, the rocker/camber/rocker blend. Infuse it with Völkl's unparalleled commitment to excellence and performance. Stir this blend together and what do you get? The Völkl Revolt 96 Skis, primed to create a stir and initiate some mountain-bound excitement. Bolstered by a Multilayer Woodcore, Full Sidewall construction, and safeguarded with Mini Cap protection over the tips and tails, these skis are prepared to stomp with unwavering authority, no matter your chosen path.

Key Features Rocker Type Tip & Tail Rocker – Uplift limited to the shovel and tail regions, coexisting with a camber shape through the center.

Core Multilayer Woodcore – Merging the strength of beech and the lightness of poplar yields an incredibly robust wood core. This composition prioritizes firm wood in the binding area and lighter wood in the periphery.

Sidewalls Full Sidewall – Ensuring direct and resolute power transmission through full-length sidewalls.

Mini Cap – Extending from the topsheet to the edge at the ski's tip and tail, the Mini Cap adds a layer of resilience against chipping where it matters most.

Base P-Tex 3000 Base

Brushed Structure

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