Revolt 104 23-24

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Distinguished by its ability to masterfully conquer the mountain's challenges with a blend of power, precision, and grace, the Völkl Revolt 104 stands head and shoulders above the competition. It emerges as one of the premier all-rounders tailored for the versatile freerider, someone equipped with an arsenal of tricks and skills. The Revolt 104 transcends boundaries, embracing everything from groomers to a foot of pristine powder, asserting itself as an unmatched daily driver for the forward-thinking skier who craves progress.

Key Features Rocker Type Tip & Tail Rocker – Elevation concentrated solely at the shovel and tail, accompanied by a central camber shape.

Sidecut 3D Radius Sidecut – A trio of radii housed within one ski shape furnishes unmatched adaptability. Extended radii at the tip and tail ensure stability and fluidity, while a condensed radius in the midsection empowers the skier to fluidly transition between extensive arcs and swift turns at their discretion and any velocity.

Core Multilayer Woodcore – Blending the durability of beech with the lightweight characteristics of poplar, a remarkably robust wood core emerges. This composition allocates sturdy wood to the binding region and employs lighter wood for the surrounding perimeter.

Sidewalls Full Sidewall – Facilitating resolute and undiluted power transmission through full-length sidewalls.

Base P-Tex 2100 – Showcasing a sintered high-density and high molecular weight polyethylene base distinguished by exceptional glide performance and impressive longevity.

Binding Compatibility For optimal performance, opt for a brake width that mirrors the ski waist width or is a maximum of 15 mm wider.

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