Mantra M6 23-24

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Setting the benchmark for high-performance all-mountain skis, the Völkl M6 Mantra Skis remain at the forefront of evolution. Rather than losing ground, they've grown more versatile while retaining their unwavering ability to grip an edge and execute precise turns. The latest iteration, the M6, maintains its reputation with the Tailored Titanal Frame and Tailored Carbon Tip construction, challenging you to put it to the test.

Product Highlights Rocker Type Tip & Tail Rocker – Upward curvature is concentrated exclusively in the shovel and tail sections, complemented by a camber profile in the center.

Sidecut 3D Radius Sidecut – A trio of radii within one ski shape maximizes adaptability. Extended radii at the tip and tail ensure stability and smoothness, while a shorter radius in the mid-body empowers the skier to seamlessly transition between long arcs and quick turns, irrespective of speed.

Core Multilayer Woodcore – A robust wood core combining beech and poplar results in remarkable durability. This composition features dense wood in the binding area and lighter wood surrounding it.

Laminates Tailored Titanal Frame – The size of the titanum frames is customized according to the skier's stature, skill level, and power. This strategy means that longer ski models incorporate more titanal for heightened stiffness, direct power transfer, and superior dampening. Conversely, shorter lengths include less titanal, enhancing agility for smaller, lighter, and less powerful skiers to extract full performance from the ski.

Tailored Carbon Tips – This inventive manufacturing technique involves weaving individual carbon fibers onto a carrier material. Precision positioning along stress lines introduces fresh possibilities for front-of-ski performance, significantly influencing handling.

Sidewalls Full Sidewall – Uncompromising power transmission through full-length sidewalls.

Base P-Tex 2100 – Boasting sintered high-density, high molecular weight polyethylene, the base exhibits exceptional gliding properties and impressive durability.

Binding Compatibility For optimal performance, select a brake width that matches the ski waist width or is at most 15 mm wider.

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