Kendo 88 23-24

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The Völkl Kendo 88 Skis have cultivated a longstanding legacy of breathing vitality into smooth, packed snow. The current iteration, boasting the incorporation of Tailored Titanal Frame and Tailored Carbon Tip technology, stands as the pinnacle of this lineage. In scenarios where resort skiing unfolds on impeccably groomed trails during periods of little recent snowfall, no alternative holds a candle to the Kendo. Channel your fervor with the commanding presence of the Kendo, and witness how all elements harmonize with an almost magical finesse.

Key Features Rocker Type Tip & Tail Rocker – Elevation confined to the shovel and tail regions, complemented by a central camber profile.

Sidecut 3D Radius Sidecut – A trio of radii within a single ski shape attains unparalleled versatility. Extended radii at the tip and tail promote stability and seamlessness, while a briefer mid-body radius grants the skier the liberty to transition from expansive arcs to quick turns, regardless of speed.

Core Multilayer Woodcore – The fusion of resilient beech and lightweight poplar culminates in an exceptionally robust wood core. This composition assigns dense wood to the binding zone and employs lighter wood for the surrounding circumference.

Laminates Tailored Carbon Tips – Through a groundbreaking production process, the new Tailored Carbon Tips emerge via the embroidery of individual carbon fibers onto a support material. This methodology allows meticulous positioning along stress lines, ushering in innovative avenues for front-of-ski performance that significantly influences maneuverability.

Tailored Titanal Frame – The dimensions of the frames are custom-fitted to the skier's height, skill level, and power. Consequently, longer ski models integrate elevated titanal content to yield heightened stiffness, direct power transfer, and intensified dampening. Conversely, shorter lengths feature reduced titanal content, fostering agility. This design accommodates smaller, lighter, and less powerful skiers, enabling them to extract the ski's full performance potential.

Sidewalls Full Sidewall – Enabling direct and commanding power transmission through complete sidewall coverage.

Base P-Tex 2100 – Showcasing a sintered high-density and high molecular weight polyethylene base distinguished by superior gliding characteristics and outstanding durability.

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