Blend 21-22

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What's your ideal blend? Maybe it kicks off with pow laps through your favorite pillow zone before an afternoon working on that pesky backcountry booter. Maybe you warm up hunting inbounds side hits and natural features to spin off before going insanely big down the pro line in the park. Whatever your flavor, the Line Skis Blend Skis are right there with you, with an updated shape that makes it easier than ever to press into butters and lock in those nose blocks. They're poppy, agile, responsive, and 100% dialed for the skier gettin' weird from top to bottom.

Rocker Type

Early Rise™  Tip and tail lift away from the snow to bring the contact points closer to the center of the ski. This increases a ski's lift in deep snow and allows it to engage more quickly on hardpack.

Rocker Profile  4mm Tip / 4mm Camber / 4mm Tail


Symmetric Flex™  The same flex pattern in front and behind your boot conforms to terrain equally riding forward & backward.


5-Cut™  Five different radiuses are blended into the ski's sidecut. The result? A wide variety of turn shapes and an intuitive feel.


Butter Zone™  Unique planing of the core in the tip and tail sections create a unique flex point that allows the ski to lock into butters with unmatched control.

Early Taper™  The widest part of the sidecut begins tapering earlier in the tip and tail which reduces tail hook ups in powder.

Thin Tip™  Super thin core & sidewall in the tips are 100 grams lighter per pair for reduced swing weight & tip bounce.


Maple Macroblock™  Two full length maple stringers surrounded by aspen for increased strength and durability.


Capwall™  Combining the precision of sidewall underfoot and the lightweight, durable performance of cap in the tip, Capwall™ construction provides the best of both worlds.


Fatty Base | Sintered 1.7mm  High density sintered bases reduce friction against the snow allowing for more speed and better durability.


Fatty Edge | 2.5mm x 2.2mm  30% thicker edge dramatically increases durability and tuning life of these skis.


Tuff Top™  Textured tougher top materials for more abuse, less scratches and a longer, better looking life for the investment on your feet.

Additional Features

Recommended Stance Back from Center  40 mm

Binding Compatibility

We recommend a brake width equal to or at most 15 mm wider than the ski waist width.

Extra Information

Line Skis