Bdog 23-24

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Regarded as one of the most eminent street skiers in history, Phil Casabon, affectionately known as BDog, has left an indelible mark on the sport. His signature ride, the Armada BDog Skis, emerges as a monumental achievement in the realm of park and urban skiing. These skis resonate with exceptional qualities, boasting remarkable flexibility, explosive pop, and a fervent readiness to dominate your local terrain park or urban features. They epitomize the art of buttering maneuvers, rivaled by only a select few in the market, and serve as an essential instrument for advanced freestyle skiers eager to unleash their imaginative prowess.

Product Specifications Rocker Style AR Freestyle Rocker – The perfect amalgamation of rockered tips and tails with positive camber beneath the foot imparts the ski with a fluid ability to navigate through capricious snow conditions while retaining an unwavering carve. Transform the entire mountain into your personal playground.

Flex Circle Flex – Incorporating a resilient Poplar-Ash wood core, coupled with a distinct fiberglass layup, Circle Flex imparts the softest, most yielding flexing sensation available in the market.

Flex Scale (1=Soft, 10=Stiff) – Tip: 5 | Mid: 4 | Tail: 6

Core Poplar Ash Core – Merging lightweight poplar with higher-density full-length ash stringers, the result is an unbelievably dynamic ski infused with the necessary power to reach new heights.

Sidewalls AR75 Sidewall – Sidewalls enhance edge pressure beneath the boot, while cap construction at the tip and tail facilitates seamless turn initiation and mitigates any potential hookiness. The composition is 75% sidewall and 25% cap.

Base S7 Base – Engineered for robustness and minimal upkeep, the S7 Base incorporates a speed-enhancing additive for rapid performance.

Edges 2.5 Impact Edge – Carefully crafted in an oversized form and specially heat-treated, this edge is fortified to withstand impact in the most challenging scenarios.

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