Savor Visor Jr 24-25

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$160.00 - $170.00


Atomic Savor Visor JR is our offering for kids that combines a quality helmet and goggles in one. It offers supreme comfort thanks to Live Fit, which molds to their head, a snug Ear Fit System that keeps the wind out and a height-adjustable 360° Fit System. Safety-wise, the helmet is built around the unique Holo Core, which offers up to 30% higher impact protection than industry safety standards require, while also keeping the helmet light and cool. The Visor is adjustable so kids can wear glasses underneath. And best of all? For the first time, even the most forgetful youngster can’t leave their goggles behind!

Adjustable Visor Setting: A visor mounting that works perfectly whether you’re wearing glasses or not. Simply pivot the visor and give yourself 8mm more room to accommodate glasses, without compromising field of vision or visor closure.

Flash Lens Technology: Flash lens technology includes one layer of high-quality mirror coating.

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