Obex Spin 18-19

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$139.00 - $140.00


The POC Obex SPIN Helmet utilizes POC's SPIN technology to decrease the amount of force to your head during impact. It works by allowing the helmet to move relative to your head, allowing rotational movement that reduces the amount of energy that could otherwise continue through your skull. Besides offering innovative impact protection, the Obex helmet is designed to be lightweight and fully featured for long, fun days on the snow. The Obex is easily adjustable so you don't have to add and remove padding to get a secure, comfortable fit, and the sliding top vent ensures you can let some warm air out when the day starts to heat up. POC also added front vents to let moist air out of your goggles, preventing the annoying ordeal of fogging. And, your goggles can be securely fixed to the helmet via a goggle clip, keeping them in place as you shred the mountain.

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