Speedmachine 85 W 23-24

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Experience the full range of mountain activities with Nordica's Speedmachine 3 85 W. Drawing inspiration from decades of refinement, this iconic women's all-mountain boot has undergone a complete redesign to enhance both comfort and performance. Nordica's 3 Force technology optimizes energy transfer from the leg and foot to the liner and shell, resulting in outstanding power and efficiency. The boot's softer flex provides remarkable comfort and user-friendliness while maintaining control. Plus, for a truly personalized fit, you can easily customize both the liner and shell. Whether you're cruising groomed slopes with friends, navigating through bumps and trees, or chasing powder, Nordica's Speedmachine 3 85 W allows you to focus on enjoying your day without worrying about your feet.

Last: 100
Flex: 85
Volume: MEDIUM
WEIGHT: 1.7 kg
Size Range: 22.5 - 27.5
Soles: Gripwalk Extra-Grip
Shell: Bimat PU
Cuff: PU
Liner: 3D Cork Fit W Primaloft®
Buckles: 2 Micro ALU;2 Micro ALU

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