Cruise 65 W 22-23 1

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$174.99 - $209.00


For emerging skiers and those looking for comfort and flexibility, there's nothing better out there than the Nordica Cruise 65 women's boots. For beginner and intermediate lady skiers who are looking for a cushy fit, a generous flex, and strong style, the Cruise 65 is an amazing place to be. Built with a 104-mm forefoot last, the boots are certainly on the wide side, and this will allow skiers and their feet to spread out and get the most out of the limited room that's so often found in alpine ski boots. With more room on top of the foot and in the ankle area as well, the Cruise 65 is best for skiers with wider feet or for ladies who have had fit issues in the past. The Cruise 65 feels like a slipper for sure, but it also has some strong performance characteristics that are going to impress a lot of skiers. With a four-buckle overlap design, these boots look like and are constructed much like the high-end and race boots of Nordica's line, just with softer plastics and wider shapes. But overall, with the buckles and power strap and dual hinge on the ankles, the basic frame and bones are just about the same. This will give skiers who are looking to progress and take their skills to the next level a huge advantage. If you like cruising around the groomers or if this is your first boot purchase, the Nordica Cruise 65 women's ski boots are a great place to start.


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