Panterra 100 23-24

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Featuring an adaptable 102 mm last that's perfectly suited for most average to semi-wide feet, the Dalbello Panterra 100 Ski Boots excel in the comfort department. Thanks to the Cabrio design and open lower shell, they're incredibly easy to slip on and off. The Panterra 100 is a go-to choice for intermediate skiers who prioritize comfort, especially those with taller insteps.

Key Features Fit Last: 102 - 100 mm | Variable Volume Fit – Crafted to allow skiers to customize the overall boot width from 102 to 100 mm. Once set, the remaining 3 buckles facilitate skiing, wearing, and removal.

My Fit System – Dalbello's renowned fit system receives an upgrade across over 60% of the boot range with the My Fit System. The liner and shell can now undergo thermo customization, complementing the pre-molded Contour 4 shell featured in every My Fit boot.

Adjustable Rear Cuff Spoiler – The modular rear boot cuff spoiler adapts to various lower leg shapes. This allows for an increase in rear cuff height, additional rear support, and adjustment of forward lean.

Flex Flex: 100 – Strikes a balance with a medium stiff flex that excels in diverse conditions.

Flex Control – Tailor the forward flex characteristics based on skier weight, skill level, and snow conditions.

Liner IF Performer Liner – The IF Performance offers an immediate fit upon the first step while allowing for 60% of the liner to be thermo-fit within 4 minutes. Medium-density Ultralon foam ensures both performance and comfort.

Shell Materials & Design Cabrio Design – Utilizing a 3-piece construction (shell, cuff, tongue), the Cabrio design securely envelops the foot and lower leg while optimizing a seamless, gradual flex. Dalbello's Cabrio models epitomize responsive performance for optimal skiing prowess.

Low Cuff Hinge Point – The low hinging cuff facilitates natural anatomical leg movements. With a broader range of forward and backward hinging motion, it enhances walking and gliding efficiency, amplifying power and control while conserving energy.

Cuff – DB Hyperlite

Shell – DB Hyperlite

Stance Adjustable Cuff Alignment – Align the upper cuff's lateral inclination to your leg using a 5mm Hex Tool. This enhances customization for a preferred boot cuff position.

Ski/Walk Mode Ski & Hike Mechanism – The robust cuff lock mechanism liberates the upper cuff from the lower shell, providing an extensive range of motion for functional hiking and climbing. The unique Cabrio design maintains skiing performance without compromise.

33° Total Range of Cuff Motion – 24° Forward Lean / 9° Backward Lean

Buckles Dynalink Heel Retention System – The instep buckle's direct line to the heel minimizes heel lift and sliding.

Micro-Adjustable Aluminum Buckles – Adjust your fit with ease using the micrometer buckles.

Inverted Forefoot Buckle – The forefoot closure buckles (above the instep) close on top of the bootshell to prevent breakage during rail slides, grinds, falls, and transitions.

Quick Macro Cuff Rack Extension – The extra wide cuff buckle catch offers 3 positions (30mm range) for enhanced fitting capabilities, accommodating various leg circumferences and shapes without the need for tools.

Power Strap 40mm Velcro Strap

Sole Gripwalk Soles Equipped – Equipped with Gripwalk soles, these boots offer safety, a natural roll, and slip resistance. Ensure your bindings are Gripwalk compatible for optimal use.

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