Cochise 110 Gw 20-21

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  • For intermediate to advanced skiers who ski both in and out of bounds, the Cochise 110 DYN with GripWalk delivers downhill performance with a flex-point that won't overpower
  • Polyether Power Light design is 30% thinner and more than twice as stiff as conventional boot materials, allowing you to go faster, higher and farther with less effort
  • Lightweight C.A.S. shells and anatomic C.A.S. liners fit great out of the box; plus, your bootfitter can punch, grind and mold crucial areas for a truly custom fit
  • Dimples on the shells reduce surface tension and facilitate heating, making it easier to customize the shell
  • Celliant® in liners contains 13 thermo-reactive minerals that take body heat produced during workouts and reflect it back as infrared energy for enhanced warmth and comfort
  • On the downhill, 4 micro-adjustable buckles and a 110 flex combine to deliver a smooth, powerful ride for strong skiers
  • Lift Lock system holds the buckles up and out of the way so they don't catch while getting in and out of your boots
  • With Quick Instep design, large, soft plastic over the insteps allows the shells to open more easily for quick entry and exit
  • GripWalk soles with Vibram® rubber make it easier to walk around in your boots
  • Dynafit tech inserts and walk mode with a 42° range of motion let you move efficiently on short hikes or skins

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