F10 Tour S 23-24

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Venturing into backcountry skiing can be incredibly enticing, but embarking on the journey might seem a tad overwhelming. Luckily, the Marker F10 Tour Small Alpine Touring Ski Bindings step in to ease that initial challenge. These ingenious frame bindings effectively lower the entry threshold. By incorporating these bindings, you can retain most of your existing resort setup, making it adaptable for introductory-level backcountry tours. The beauty lies in their ability to mimic the familiar feel of traditional resort bindings, granting you seamless transitions from inbounds to the confidence-boosting out-of-bounds experience. This means you can wave goodbye to the need for two separate setups. Simply continue rocking your trusted boots and skis while delving into the exhilarating realm of backcountry skiing. In essence, these bindings are straightforward, dependable, and perform like a dream.

Key Product Details: Toe:

  • Triple Pivot Light 2 Toe – An upgraded version of the TP Light toepiece, now featuring an Anti Ice Rail for enhanced convenience. This compact toe component integrates a horizontally inserted spring. The addition of gliding elements in the sole holders, alongside the gliding plate, ensures precise release behavior akin to other Marker bindings. There's no need for touring skiers and freestylers to compromise. An aluminum bridge on top provides added support without bulk.

  • Gliding AFD Plate – An adjustable AFD (Anti Friction Device) prevents release obstruction from dirt, snow, and ice accumulation. The AFD type corresponds to the skier's category, ensuring optimal functionality for racers, juniors, and even alpine touring enthusiasts.


  • Hollow Linkage 2 Heel – The latest HL heel edition offers improved step-in capabilities. The hollow aluminum axle shaves off weight while maximizing torsional stiffness. This robust heel construction shines in demanding scenarios.

Tour Mode:

  • Climbing Aids – A titanium climbing aid presents two positions at 7° and 13°, easily accessible with a ski pole, even in an unstable stance. Integrated elastomer pads cushion impact, minimizing the traditional "clacking" sound and making hikes more comfortable.

Boot Compatibility:

  • Multinorm Compatible – Height-adjustable gliding plate ensures compatibility with all boot soles on the market: Alpine (ISO 5355), Touring (ISO 9523), and GripWalk (ISO 23223). Simple adjustment via a Pozi screw at the front alters gliding plate height.
  • Size Small – Fits BSL (Boot Sole Lengths) 265 - 325 mm

Additional Features:

  • Hollow Tech – A fiber-reinforced frame base plate ensures impressive riding stability, boasting lightweight attributes due to the gas-injected hollow structure.
  • Stand Height – 36 mm
  • Recommended Skier's Weight – 66 - 230 lbs. (30 - 105 kg)

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