Hero Heating Athl Bag G/L 120V 23-24

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Engineered to meet the rigorous demands of the World Cup race circuit, the Hero Heated Bag stands as a robust boot bag tailored to maintain the warmth and dryness of your boots during your journey to the mountain. Designed with unwavering durability in mind, this heavy-duty bag guarantees top-notch protection for your gear. Its capacious boot compartment features an ingeniously integrated heater that conveniently connects to both 120V and 12DC power sources. Additionally, dedicated pockets for your helmet and accessories ensure that all your essentials travel seamlessly to the resort.

Key Features:

Unyielding Resilience:

  • Constructed from rugged 600-denier polyester, this bag is coated to offer unparalleled waterproof protection.

Boots Kept Warm and Dry:

  • The bag boasts an integrated boot heater that efficiently operates on either 120V or 12V DC, ensuring that your boots remain warm and cozy whether in the car or the lodge.

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